Pro Flight Trainer 3rd Generation LYNX RTF Packaging (Ready To Fly)


VAT and import fees not included

Brand Pro Flight Trainer

The 3rd generation of Pro Flight Trainer Simulator Helicopter Flight Controls offers a new all metal frame, a new USB PCB Board, and many other upgrades.

Ready to Fly Packaging ships with the controls 99% assembled, in a much bigger box which explains the higher price. You should have absolutely no difficulties assembling our PAS version, but if you want to fly within 5 minutes, get our RTF offer, and be ready to fly within a couple minutes after receiving your controls.

included in this package:

- Pro Flight Trainer LYNX Full Control Set

  • USB HID Plug & Play seamless installation
  • Standard Pedal design
  • Curved Cyclic with High Quality B8 Style Grip
  • Collective with Throttle axis and Throttle Box
  • Long USB Cable

The Lynx packs lots of features for an very affordable price tag. It is not as advanced as our PUMA controls, but has everything you need for your flight training preparation or advanced simulation, and has the Throttle axis and Throttle Box, as well as the high Quality Grip over the Fox controls.